The Fabled "raid bug"

This is a long time running bug. What I am going to do now is demystify it for all users, as it is VERY likely that they have no idea it is even happening.

What is it: This is a bug that happens when you JOIN a raid. It does not matter WHICH Kano game you are playing, which server, none of that. It happens no matter what, given you (the player) don’t join the raid a certain way. What it is doing, is it’s making it so your health/defense doesn’t impact the raid parties health.

How does it happen: When you join any raid from mobile at all, OR when you join a raid from desktop and use the COMBO attack/heal button for your first attack, it does NOT add you to the player health pool. It doesn’t matter if it is 20/20 stamina/energy or 200/200. It simply will not add your defense/health together, and then add the health to the raid party, that you should be adding.

How to fix it, yourself: Always join every single raid you join with a 1 stamina attack, or 5-200 stamina attack, or 20-100 healing instance. DO NOT USE THE COMBO BUTTON TO JOIN A RAID! This will ensure you add the values appropriately to raid party health. If you are on mobile, you will never add your health to the raid party, so you must join raids on desktop to be able to add your health to the raid party health.

Why does this happen: After thousands of raids myself, and along with help from Murder The Dance, who did 1000 raids in 1 event for testing, the working theory we have is that, it isn’t adding your name to the raid parties “member list”. Because it isn’t doing this, it is also not adding your defenses/health values together to add it to the raid parties health. This is only a working theory, but so far, it is the best conclusion we have drawn so far.

Summary: Join raids with 1 stam, then do your attacks after for it to be as easy as possible to add your health to the raid party.

Thanks for letting us know here, we’ve passed this feedback along to the team and we’ll dig further into this to ensure that everything is working as intended / clear up any existing bugs in our Raid Feature. We appreciate you providing the additional context here and bringing this to our attention.

Our team will look further into this - Continue to keep checking out our weekly TGIF Friday Blog Posts to stay in-the-loop on what’s coming next!

Thank you @Bled_x :pray: - Have a great rest of your weekend. If you are running into this consistently, please send us an e-mail to and we can definitely dig deeper.

Take care.