Raids & Minimums

Instead of just showing how many actions. Create a color button that shows completed minimums. Far too many times we will look and see 2000 actions but the player does not have their 1000 heals. With a little green dot on the action tab we would know they’ve gotten the 1k and it’s safe to kill. It’s a real shame folks miss out when only shy a few heals.


This is an interesting suggestion - I’ll pass this feedback along to the team, this could also make the feature slightly more accessible in the long-run too. You are suggesting a different visual indicator to display ‘completed minimum actions’ during Raids?

I see how this could help people work together in Raid Battles - We’ll pass this feedback along for consideration

As always you can elaborate if you like, via email at

yes please. Far too often folks will show say 2400 actions but are missing their 1000 heals.

Something to indicate they have gotten their minimums would save a lot of time. You could break it into another tab and have heals and attacks if you prefer, I merely suggested a dot as it seemed to ease the visual clutter. Or change the color as is used in the jobs chat. Just about anything to help us not short change someone who is really trying.

A visual indicator could be a great idea, we’ll pass this feedback and these suggestions along to the team for consideration. Thanks for elaborating on these ideas & suggestions as well @AlterEgoT

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