When are you going to fix the Support Ticket System?

Again, I sent in a ticket with no automated response. This is the third ticket. You posted in the News tab that the system was undergoing updates. So far for me it is not working.

I also was able to tell how many Raids I was in by adding the Kills and current ones. I guess that has changed too. I know I was in more than 9 which is what the current status shows.


Hello Localsiding - We’re currently looking into why a very small subset of players are having issues with e-mail delivery. Our team is on it - Thank you for reaching out to us here - we’re actively working on it.

We haven’t made any changes to the way Raid Bosses are displayed? Are you seeing a discrepancy between the Raid Stats and the number of Raid Bosses killed in Pirate Clan? - If so, let us know here!

Keep in mind that your overall Rank grows as you defeat Raid Bosses (make sure to defeat the bosses and collect your rewards to rank up). You can read more of the specifics on Raid Ranks here:
Raid Ranks — Pirate Clan Help Center (kanoplay.com)

Yes, I know I have been in at least 15 RAIDs and it only shows 4 Killed at the bottom.

Our team is aware of this and has rolled out a fix for this moving forward. Also our e-mail maintenance has been completed as of this week so you should be able to e-mail us as per usual at

support@kanoapps.com if you have any other questions regarding our games!

Take care