Inner Circle Alert

I’ve been noticing, especially in PC and VC, that when someone adds me or I add someone to inner circle the button doesn’t light up. This causes confusion on both ends. I can’t tell if the other person has added me or not and vice versa for the person that I added. It doesn’t change after refreshing the page and may not show up for days. If we are not aware when the other person adds to IC, we may not get to see it in history as too many other actions may have already taken place. Why doesn’t it light up right away after adding someone to IC or at least after refreshing the page?

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Hi Jimmy,

Is this a visual suggestion you are making? or display suiggestion? If so, thank you for providing your insight and feedback.

This sort of feedback is best delivered via e-mail at, sent directly to our
Kano Player Success team. Feel free to send in screenshots via e-mail to elaborate on what you’d like to see regarding the IC (and the way you are notified in-game when someone adds you to the Inner Circle).

We look forward to your e-mail (also let us know in the e-mail how you normally play the game, and we can get back to you promptly)!

Thanks for your feedback @jimmyjamzit → Happy Monday!

I know what your talking about Jimmy. Send in a ticket there pretty good at getting back to you.
MoonDummer its more of tech glitch.

The indicator on the inner circle board sometimes doesnt show your in there inner circle and sometimes the one next to there name doesnt show