Problem with daily quest

HI I have been having problems when I collect my daily quest rewards. When I click to collect “NOT UPGRADE” it upgrades me and takes 15 FP’s which I dont’ want. can you guys make it so that we have to confirm the “upgrade” I have been happening about once a month for a couple years and last week it did it on Monday and Tuesday , so I don’t bother to collect any more.

Hello Sailnstein1

Thanks for posting here, have you reached out to our Kano Player Success team directly via the app / via e-mail about this?

This is the quickest way to reach us directly and we respond to our e-mails daily when they come in (feel free to e-mail us at anytime and we’ll dig further into this.) - Especially if you are running into a situation which either isn’t making sense, or is a recurring issue for you (when you play).

I can understand how this would be frustrating! Feel free to e-mail us directly with some more context on how you play (mobile or desktop) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can / dig in further.