Battle Pass Challenge Box

Behind those boxes that pops up all the time is the progression of Quests. As U can see, we dont see nothing…

Either you make it smaller to fit or we have the option in the SETTINGS to HIDE those BP boxes if wanted. (fyi the appearance on Server 1 & server 2 is different) It’s better on S2 but still hiding progression of events)


Ah I see what you are saying → Do you play the game directly on or within ?

Interesting visual suggestion. You’d like to still be able to see your Quest progress / event progress and have the ‘Battle Pass’ pop-up boxes appear beside them (so that they fit and the Quest progress is still visible)?

Send us an email to if you care to elaborate and we can pass this along to the development team. Of course, there are many things to consider when making a visual / display change like this (we appreciate you posting your feedback and suggestions here)

We look forward to your e-mail and we can elaborate a little further ~

I play directly from Kanoplay.
Server 1

Server 2

The tote is bigger on server 2 but it still hide progression.

I’m not sending a ticket. Maybe they’ll read this…

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Thanks for clarifying and for providing these screenshots, AVG -
I’ll pass this feedback and these screenshots along to the team. :slight_smile:

In future, our Player Success team is best reached via email directly at Especially if you have something that you’d like to be addressed quickly, sending in an email is the best possible route. It will get to them directly (as the team doesn’t regularly monitor the Forums - that’s my role), but these sort of display suggestions are always welcome -

Thanks for elaborating

The battle pass box also hide team raid. (It hides everything)

We can hide the battle pass…

Hide the Battle pass challenges …

But we can’t hide the box that hides the special events in the tote…

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