Faction Wars Update

Oh so Many Comments!

Please allow the leaders to see more information on the faction war screen. So we can better help our players learn.

Will redo after blitz. :slight_smile: hard to watch to heal and type in another screen!

After Blitz Update**

A couple things with Faction wars.

  1. The mechanics were changed completely when the extra hireds were dropped in. It’s now an individual event with team rankings. As players can pretty easily kill a target 1 tier lower by themselves. I’m ok with it this way as, I’ve always been the healer and now I get to kill. However, it’s not the team event it once was, requiring coordination.

  2. The screen layout could use an update. Because you have to wait so long for targets to refresh, AND there are so few factions. Most use the “Saved Targets” As the primary way of warring. Having this below the feed, requires scrolling, which is never a lot of fun when in a pvp game. On mobile it’s the second tab and once you click you have to pretty much start over.

I would propose cleaning up the large graphic at the top, and perhaps swapping saved and current.
On mobile - having the back button go to whichever tab would be nice.

  1. Allow Leaders to see who is active. Be it with a little block that shows who is currently attacking, or a refresh button on the members list. We’d be able to stop a lot of grumbling if we knew who was attacking things too difficult, leaving us not healed, or going too low. By being able to tell who is active we would also easily be able to refill if we do that. Quick coordination is difficult with the lag on the flag and so many mobile users.

Just a few thoughts to get us kicked off on the New Forums!


This is really great feedback Alter! Thanks for sharing and jumping into the forums :slight_smile:

Yeah some great suggestions here, thanks for chiming in @AlterEgoT - Happy Friday!

To expand on this a little bit, on Zombie Slayer server 2, my faction NFG is a B when we all sign up. We may as well be an E, since we are dead the entire war. This made it so we just stopped signing up. I’m sure it’s why many stop signing up in any of these games. There’s only so long you can take being kept dead for an entire war before you just don’t care about signing up anymore. This is the worst in ZS server 2 and Pirate Clan server 1.

Fun fact: The biggest A’s in PC server 1 can kill most E/Ds with 20-30 tokens, most C’s in 35-55 (upwards of 75 depending on the Cs). I’m sure ZS2 is probably about the same.