September 29th, 2023: TGIF Recap (What’s NEW This Week?) - Raid Ranks begins in Viking Clan!

:tada: Happy Friday players - Check out our latest TGIF post on our Blog below:

Here’s what’s NEW in game updates for this past week (what events are currently running, what’s coming up next week) - We mark the launch of our brand-new feature Raid Event, which we teased with our Raid Ranks Debut Livestream → Viking Clan players get to participate as of yesterday morning, taking on the all-new Raid Ranks Boss, the Viking Warlord → as well as the limited-time Autumn Seasonal sale :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: (with an all-new seasonal item set)

Clash with the Viking Warlord in battle today ~ :crossed_swords: :boom: Defeat our new set of Raid Bosses to rank up (and climb the Leaderboards) all while working your way to summon higher tier bosses! :zap: Summon & defeat Rank 3 Raid Bosses for a chance at brand new Mythic item drops :zap:

Check out our FAQ / Game Guide here for more info: Raid Ranks — Viking Clan Help Center ( - It’s all laid out here if you have any questions!

Click through to read more. Check out the TGIF here: TGIF! Game Updates for September 29, 2023 - KanoPlay Blog

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