Skill respec points

These games are building off og uken games heavily…so why cant we respec skill points?

Hi Ads, welcome in to the official Kano Forums (and happy New Year as well) :tada:

Our games currently don’t have the ability for you to respec / re-allocate Skill Points once they have already been allocated. That’s just how the Skill Point system is built. When allocating Skill Points, before confirming your choice - you have the option to change your mind, but once the points have been applied we can’t respec them.

This is an interesting feature idea though, and I’m definitely happy to pass this along to the development team for consideration. - We’ll let the team know. In the mean-time you can always reference our extensive game guide / FAQ for more info:
Character Attributes — Mob Wars LCN Help Center (

As always you can e-mail us any time if you have any questions! :incoming_envelope: