Max Hp effect xp

Game advised me to increase my HP. Saying too low for my level. Increasing it, would increase xp and coin gained from pvp and boss fightd.

I am level 339 and hp was 1200. I increases to 1300. Xp went up from 94 to 97.

Can someone confirmed that hp is used in xp calculations. Higher HP = more XP.

If it does increase XP at what level does HP stop Increasing XP gained.

Thank you

Hi Klem, welcome into the Forums - We actually saw your message this morning in our Discord channel (it’s much more active and usually a quicker way to reach us than here)

I’ll post my response from Discord here, but feel free to follow up there (it’s a great place to stay in-the-loop on what’s happening next and what is coming to our games)

Generally you will want to keep all of your Skills levelled up (i.e. equally distributing your Skill Points is usually a good call) - Early on, typically players will focus on one or two particular Skills.

For example, when I first started in Mob Wars: LCN, I was mainly focused on Attack, Defense and HP (Health) and then started distributing my points in Energy and Stamina (as I progressed).

There’s no right or wrong answer (as players use different strategies usually when it comes to their Skill Point attribution) - In my opinion, the best way to grow the amount of XP you can earn is to keep winning fights, fighting Raid Bosses and completing Jobs (the more you level up, the more XP you can earn) Also by completing Jobs and unlocking Achievements you can also earn XP quickly! Experience (XP) — Mob Wars LCN Help Center -

We have a full FAQ site / Game Guide here if you have other questions (or you can e-mail us any tme