War Mode Rewards

Ive been in and out of war mode with my group. And actually another group leader of a different syndicate that also participates in war mode made a very good point. War mode should have rewards for getting certain amount of points. I think it would benefit war mode alot. Myself and a few others are trying to resurrect the popularity of war mode. For the most part it seems mostly unused. Would it be possible to make rewards for war mode? Possibly FP?, perhaps a name badge like we do for raids? Let me know Kano. Im willing to bet it would get war mode moving in the right direction.

OMEGUS, thanks for taking the time to leave this suggestion regarding War Mode in Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra

We’ll pass this feedback along to the development team → Feel free to elaborate on what kinds of rewards you would like to see for War Mode via e-mail → you can always reach us directly at support@kanoapps.com :incoming_envelope:

I like the idea of FP or a name badge, interesting suggestions. We’re glad you are liking the mode and want to see some more additional features added :muscle: :crossed_swords: