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Check here periodically to see what’s new in the world of our YouTube channel → We’ll update this periodically and you can also join our growing Discord community here (and join our weekly Livestreams to stay in-the-loop)

We’ve got a brand new LCN 'N Learn video that just dropped on our Mob Wars YouTube channel -
Click HERE to watch it: LCN 'N Learn: Player Lingo - YouTube

⁠Our Discord community members came together recently & submitted player-created lingo / terminology that they’ve seen over the years -

Join @Ben from Kano Player Success while he walks you through just some of the terms players use day-to-day in-game :tada: - Also thank you to all of those contributed (and another shout-out to Discord community member, CHILLY for winning our Player Lingo contest)⁠

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:star: Just Announced :star2:

Join the Kano team LIVE on Wednesday November 16th at 12:00 p.m. PST (3:00pm EST) for our annual Black Friday Livestream - This one’s a special one!

@Ben , @HSkey and myself will be going over what’s new in Mob Wars (and across all Kano games), talking about the latest Syndicate Raids (and new boss), new Black Friday items, Avatars and more.

:star: We’re also going to be introducing a brand new exclusive Kano Lootcase, where you can snag a handful of exclusive items (only available if you watch live)! :star:

We’ll be live on YouTube at

and on Facebook at

Save your seat, hope to see you there!

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In case you missed it, check out our most recent Livestream on the Mob Wars: LCN official YouTube channel here:

Mob Wars - Black Friday Livestream 2022 - YouTube

It was a lot of fun to do this Black Friday livestream with @Ben and @HSkey → Be sure to subscribe to save your seat for the next big livestream :fallen_leaf:

December is right around the corner, and we’re launching something special - :gift: We’ll be running a brand new event called Secret Santa (alongside the December Holiday Raid events) :gift:

Check out our latest LCN N’ Learn video and join Ben as he breaks down how it all works: LCN 'N Learn: Secret Santa - YouTube

(It all kicks off in Pirate Clan first, tomorrow at 9AM Pacific) :pirate_flag:

If you want to read up on how it works, check out our FAQ page as well:
Secret Santa — Mob Wars LCN Help Center (

Join us LIVE on Friday December 30th at 1:00 p.m. PST (4:00pm EST) for our End-of-Year 2022 Recap Livestream -

Hang out with us live on Facebook or YouTube (and we’ll be going over some of the things we introducing across Kano games this year) :star:PLUS you’ll get a chance at a Kano Lootcase where you can snag a handful of exclusive items (only available if you watch live)! :star:

We’ll be live here on Facebook or on YouTube at

Be sure to save your seat, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

Players, we’ll be doing a very special Facebook / YouTube livestream this Friday - Join both Ben and Mitch while we go over a brand new feature coming soon to our games; Prestige Locations!

We’re also giving away an exclusive Kano Lootcase to those who join us live :tada:

We’ll be live here on Facebook or on YouTube at
New Upcoming Feature: Prestige Locations Teaser Livestream :tada: - YouTube

Friday February 3rd - 12:00 PM Pacific

:tada: Subscribe to save your seat :tada:

You won’t want to miss out on this one ~

:cinema: UPDATE: :cinema: :tada: We’ll be streaming live in one week to the official Mob Wars Facebook and YouTube channels for another bigger livestream. :tada:

This Tuesday March 7th at 12:00PM PST we’ll be live with @Ben and myself celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary of Battle Pass in Mob Wars: LCN - We’ll also be talking about the return of the Raid Bounties event (for all of our games, with an all-new Leaderboard).

Save your seat here: Mob Wars: LCN - ⭐ Battle Pass 2-Year Anniversary Livestream ⭐ - YouTube

You’ll also get a chance at a Kano Loot Case (only available if you watch live) :gift: You won’t want to miss this one - Don’t make us give you the Dublin Shakedown! :shamrock: