Prestige Locations

Wow went into ZS to see what prestige Locations are all about and what can I say. I understood from all the hype and promotional babble that prestige locations would offer enhanced XP for Energy used but that is not true. You get exactly the same amount of XP per energy used.
The First Job gives 20.25 XP per unit of energy (same as before) and the
Last Job gives 20.34 XP per unit of energy (same as before) .
Every higher location gives a higher rate of XP per Energy than the Prestige Location…
Or am I missing something??

I must have mathed wrong. But not at all impressed.

Comparison. Houston 1st takes 169 Energy for 3645XP (Net 21.56 per 1 energy). Prestige Tier 1 Paris 1st takes 276 energy for 5590XP (Net 20.25 per 1 energy).

Since this is a brand new feature as well (and we’ve only rolled out 1 of the Prestiged Locations so far in Zombie Slayer) we’re super appreciative of this feedback.

Thanks to both of you for providing the feedback here → We’ll pass it along to the team and if you have any specific questions you can reference our active Prestige Locations FAQ here:
Prestige Locations — Zombie Slayer Help Center (

or always email Kano Player Success directly at