Fight Mechanics

Can you explain the fight mechanics please? I believe health, attack, defence, mob size, stockpile items & armed items all play a role but I would like you know how. Are the attack & defence percentage based?

Could you also explain how max damage works, and how I could achieve it please? Is it limited by level? Is it purely based on health?


There are many different variables that come into play regarding Fight Mechanics (and determining who the outcome of a fight, i.e.: who will win and who will lose) - All of the things you are listing above will play a role in the outcome of a fight. Some players can even have Critical Defense and Critical Attack Boosts → Every player has a different strategy in how they build up their load-out, distribute their skill points and in what gear they take into with their hired mobsters for example.

Check out our extensive FAQ section regarding this (as well as many other in-game topics):
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