Hitlist Delay (You know we gotta complain about it, we hate it)

You know that no feedback forum is complete without us asking once again for Kano to get rid of the throttle or at least give us more catches before it takes place.

Since S2 does not have a massive player base, this contiues to slow the games down. Tailor it by game.

  • It really makes the games look deader than they are when new folks place a bounty and it sits up there for 10 minutes because no one wants the throttle for such a little bounty.

  • Why punish the players that are playing your game consistently by taking away their ability to play?

*Why reward folks that have alt accounts by allowing them to continue to have entertainment while players that follow the rules must just sit and watch.

*Wars are reduced as folks will not continue fighting after their team hits delay. (Again, rewarding folks with alt accounts because they will continue, since they can just switch catchers)

*On Zs we have a dollar limit, so the only thing it really affects is how much a player gets to play. Does not help spread the cash as 90% are maxed on cash.

*Why frustrate your player base as they often think the game has an issue and do not realize they’ve hit all they are allowed.

*Since most players are maxed we often chain players just to give everyone something to do. Can’t do that very well if it takes several minutes for the player to come down, waiting on someone to see it. This just encourages trapping off the list, which is considered bad form when used merely to pad stats and raise the bounty.

All this is doubly true during blitz. The whole premise of the game is to be the best. But how can players be the best when Kano manipulates it so that a player can’t really get ahead unless they come along when no one else is playing so delay doesn’t matter.

Let us help you keep the games active. Allow us to play!


We hear you, and these are some interesting points - We do have plans to rework the Wars events as well

→ There are many things to consider regarding the Realtime Hitlist and many variables to consider - At this time we don’t have any current plans to make any changes to the way the Hitlist functions currently, including the game-balancing implementation of the Hitlist Delay (as far as I’m aware).

Running alternate or alt accounts is definitely not allowed in our Terms of Service or in-game Guidelines in Zombie Slayer → This is a big focus for us and we are always regularly taking action / suspend accounts that are playing outside of the rules (in fact, we update the number of Suspended accounts on our weekly Friday Blog posts here.

There’s lots to consider here for sure, especially considering we have so many different players with many different playstyles. We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback.

We hear your suggestions here though and will gladly pass this feedback along to the team. While we can’t implement every bit of feedback that is left here, we try to consider all feedback when deciding on what to implement next.

We’re hoping to add some clarity to the delay functionality, but we don’t have any concrete details on it yet. We’ve got some really cool features and in-game events coming that we hope players will enjoy.

Thanks again for leaving your feedback!

Hi, One of the things beginning to happen on Blitz’s (all games) is the bigger players are starting to avoid the blitz until the last 15 or twenty minutes. Because of the hitlist delay restricting the number of bounties collectable before a player is time penalised, players wait until later before going after bounties to ensure the maximum payout.
This means the smaller players are left high and dry later in the blitz which as I understand it is direct opposite of what the original idea of hitlist delay was intended to achieve.


“Game Balancing” see that’s a huge problem for players. No one wants to hear you are giving an advantage to someone instead of a level playing field.

Further more to Touch on what Olddaddio mentioned, I’m a weak account on some of the other games. You know what the delay does for me? It causes me to use 5 times the stamina, die a dozen extra times then miss the kill when the big guys come off delay and get it with 1 stam.


One way to assist the smaller players would be to reset their delay timer if they are killed going after a bounty. The big guys would not be affected by this as they seldom get killed but would have a huge impact on smaller players.


Interesting suggestions here, thanks for chiming in and giving us more insight into your experience - As mentioned above, we’re hoping to add some more clarity to the delay functionality for our players, at this time we don’t have any concrete details on it yet, but you can stay in-the-loop here on the Forums or in our livestreams for what’s coming up in-game →

We’ll pass along this feedback to the team

You know with the hitlist lag you could atleast put a box that says were in timeout for X amount of time instead of just having a lag were we think theres something wrong with our computers or phones or whatever were playing on.


The new list format you can see how long your throttle is on the pc version. If you can see one long enough. It will show listed 3 seconds ago or whatever when it pops up. Mobile doesn’t show how long though.


Sometimes i can see that time 6 or 8 seconds if my timeout is longer than that its a flash or nothing. Main thing i think id like to know is how many seconds timeout is on how many bounties caught?. When or how does it reset?

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DeathMo, more clarity / clarifying the delay is something we want to define in the future - Hoping to add some more clarity to this moving forward. Thanks for your insight and feedback!

Thank you @AlterEgoT as well for your additional insight

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Thank you MoonDrummer

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The reset would be nice to have a better understanding. Especially can we play at all and just not hunt or must we leave.