We should have a way to permanently block someone

My character in Viking Clan is 2177. And I don’t know why but this woman, LAFURIA, has bountied me over and over again for ages. She’s like rank 15,000-something. I can’t tell for sure because I used 10 FP to blacklist her, and when those 7 days runs out, she will instantly begin to bounty me again, and I’ll keep getting killed by people ranked 8,000+ who take the bounty.

We should have a way to permanently block people who harass and troll for no reason. Especially when they’re so much stronger than you are. And I have no clue why she’s doing this, either. I’ve not spoken a single word to her before she started doing it. I can only assume she’s hunting everyone in my clan, but regardless, it’s really a bummer.

I think some players should be BLOCKED from acces to the ingame CHAT GROUPS. They use it to save links to do exactly what you’re complaining about. Some (they like to call themselves BULLY), make lists of complete teams they attack constantly. We have 2 champions in Pirate clan. Rum Rich the King of UNrespectable bounties (75,000+) and Karma who whips 24 hrs a day. She whips players than haven’t played for 100 days. She probably left cuz of Karma. Those players are very TOXIC for KANO. They make players quit the game. Not good. Do something to make things more complicated for them…

If there is a particular player who is consistently attacking you, please e-mail us directly to the Kano Player Success e-mail → support@kanoapps.com so that we can investigate further. We definitely hear your feedback.

The game does have a ‘Blacklist’ feature to temporarily block players from attacking you or listing you (in a fight in-game) which usually deters players. We also have a ‘Mute’ feature to permanently block players from being able to send you any public or private messages (anything targeting you, or a Guild member, or anything that’s just generally bothersome).

We 100% recommend Muting any players who are consistently posting messages and pestering you in the World Chat. This tool empowers our players to tailor their own chat experience in-game. We also recommend reporting that player to us via e-mail.

We investigate every player report that comes in, and post regularly to our TGIF Blog Posts how many players we suspend / freeze / take action on each week. We hear your feedback though and will pass it along to the team for consideration. We cannot implement every single suggestion from our players, but we try to take them into consideration when adding new features or tweaking existing ones.

As always you can reach out to our Player Success department directly via e-mail if there is any particular player causing you grief in-game. - support@kanoapps.com