Blitz isn't working

Last Event ran: Nov 9, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Server Time: 2022-11-19 16:03:22

Y’all just pat me on the head when I ticket.


Yeah. Our last blitz was the Wednesday before the original raid boss opened which was 10 days ago

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Why was this post flagged as spam. What trigger word in that sentence would hit a filter?

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When did you first notice this AlterEgo? Did you email us about the Zombie Slayer Blitz directly?

@NEO the post may have just been automatically flagged by mistake (I’ve removed the flag) so there should be no issues now. :slight_smile:

Send us an email and we can definitely look further into this, to ensure everything is working as it should. ~ As far as I can see on my end, there was a Blitz scheduled for November 17th and the 19th (yesterday) at 10:00AM and 12:00PM PST (respectively) in Zombie Slayer - We hadn’t received any tickets regarding these Blitz events, or any notification that they weren’t active or weren’t running.

We’ll pass this along to the development team to look into this week & confirm. Thanks for letting us know.

Hey Matt. Alter sent a ticket in , actually a couple, and Henry responded with the blitz was two days ago. I can assure , we did not have a blitz. We haven’t had one since before our raid boss season on the 9th. Your system might be showing we had them, but we didn’t and the game menu reflects it as well. If you look at the blitz stats, it shows the last blitz for zs was the 9th

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On Tuesday 11/15/22. I sent in a ticket to support
November 15, 2022, 20:05 -0600
Replied on Wed, Nov 16, 3:08 PM (4 days ago)
Replied on Thu, Nov 17, 7:04 PM (3 days ago)
Replied on Thu, Nov 17, 7:10 PM (3 days ago)
Replied on Sat, Nov 19, 12:01 PM (1 day ago)
Replied on Sat, Nov 19, 12:02 PM (1 day ago)

I have asked numerous folks no one has seen one since the 9th.

I was on the game at the time the blitz’ were supposedly scheduled. There was no blitz.

We have not had one since our Wednesday afternoon 11/9 one.

Raids began on 11/10. The opening expired on 11/14

Even if the Faction raids screwed it up we still have not had one and they closed on 11/18. And PC didn’t have theirs taken away for the faction raid opening period.

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Thanks for clarifying here @Neo and @AlterEgoT → The team is currently looking into this on our end, and I’ll try to post here as soon as I can (once I’ve got an update)


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@AlterEgoT We did some digging and it turns out that there was an extra symbol added that accidentally messed with the Blitz schedule on our end. We were able to investigate, dig around and resolve it! We’re sorry that there was a hiccup with the Blitz schedule last week. Thank you for bringing this up to us and thank you to the other players who shared with us more details on their end → It helped us to resolve this quickly.

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