Achievement link on the bounty page

I will attach a screenshot. I was expecting to see “Walk th’ Plank” achievement progress on this page, not survival. Maybe this is the intent, or maybe it’s a small error.

Hi, thanks for posting this (and including a screenshot) - You can actually go and view all of your Achievements (ones you have completed and ones you are working towards) directly in-game on the Achievements page (under your Profile). There are a ton of them to work towards & unlock!

If you have any questions about a specific Achievement that you are working towards, or wanting to unlock - please send in an email to our Player Success team and they can answer any questions you may have / look into it.

You can email Kano Player Success at ~

I’m not sure if I phrased that correctly. When attacking a bounty, underneath are a few links, one being view achievements. I thought that would show progress on bounty kill achievements, not survival.