March 24th, 2023: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?)

:tada: ICYMI - Check out our latest TGIF post on our Blog below:

Here’s what’s NEW in game updates for this past week (what events are currently running, and what’s coming soon) :star: March 24th, 2023: TGIF! Game Updates for March 24, 2023 - KanoPlay Blog

We’re currently running the Raid Bounties event in Pirate Clan as Medusa herself has found herself thrown into battle - Davey Jones has been angered and he has set up a series of different bounties on Medusa’s snakeheads! Take down this Raid Boss and as your satisfy the Bounties, you’ll be able to climb our new Raid Bounties Leaderboard → Check out more information on Raid Bounties on our FAQ page here:
Raid Bounties — Pirate Clan Help Center (

We also just launched a brand new Location in Mob Wars: LCN → The bustling seaside shores of Atlantic City are now available for all Mobsters level 16,670 and above. Lots more going on this week, check out the post to find out.

Have a great weekend