Workshop needs work

I’m barely making anything in the workshop. The software/code needs to do better. I don’t know which items I have ready to craft. Why is the gift wishlist full of useless stuff that isn’t even asked in the workshop? We need a guide, a solid wiki of craftable items and blueprints. The blueprints just take you to challenges. Or at least make some items requestable in the wishlist instead of putting useless items there.

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Hi Barzini, welcome to the Forums → Have you checked out our FAQ game-guide? Crafting and Workshop FAQ — Mob Wars LCN Help Center (

Thank you for your feedback regarding the workshop in Mob Wars → The blueprints take you to challenges yes, but we don’t have an in-game guide for craftable items currently. I can understand how not having a wiki of craftable items can be frustrating. Our legacy forums may have had something like this (compiled by players over the years).

I’ll look into this, and perhaps this is something we can look into in the future. I’ll pass the feedback along to the team~ Thank you for letting us know

Cool man thanks a lot! A fully interactive workshop would like keep me hooked on the game longer lol. But thanks for the message, I’ll try figuring it out, how to craft more items.

Email us any time if you have any questions or want to delve further into this, at - or feel free to join our growing online Discord community as well (it’s a great place to meet other players and connect / talk strategy and more)

We also run regular livestreams there every Friday at 12:00PM Pacific

Perfect way to stay in-the-loop on what’s coming next (in future iterations of the game) and also win some neat in-game prizes as well

That’s awesome, didn’t know there were livestreams, I’ll join up on discord.

Oh yeah every Friday - and also we do bigger Livestreams on the official Mob Wars: LCN YouTube / Facebook channels as well.

We usually reserve these for bigger announcements, with bigger giveaways / contests as well. Discord a great place to stay in-the-loop and you can subscribe to the Mob Wars: LCN YouTube Channel to save your seat for upcoming streams.