Secret Santa - A discussion

So, I want to preface this by saying I don’t mind events that are spender-centric. Kano is a business and as such, I do expect there to be events where we need to spend to meet goals. I think with this event, however, you missed the mark a bit. Not every armada will have a spender. With it being the holiday season, some spenders might not be able to spend. I think this event would have made more sense if it was server wide, or even game wide, instead of armada wide. That way it is more in the true spirit of giving, and Secret Santa. It’s not really a secret if you do have an armada with 1 spender, who does all the spending either. I do appreciate the idea, but I do not think this event really added anything special. =]

What are your thoughts?


Hi MurderTheDance,

Welcome to the Kano forums and thanks for starting this topic. Thanks for providing your feedback regarding the new Secret Santa holiday event. Of course, as with all new events, we are following this very closely and open to all player feedback like this. We wanna know more about your experience.

As always we may make adjustments and tweaks to the this feature for future iterations, so we appreciate you leaving your two cents here. Thank you also for providing some suggestions on what you might like to see in a future Secret Santa event

We’ll pass this feedback along to the team for consideration :gift: Thanks again (feel free to email us at if you care to elaborate)

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