December 2nd, 2022: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?)

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new in game updates for this past week - December 2nd, 2022: TGIF! Game Updates for December 2, 2022 - KanoPlay Blog

Lots going on this week, including the Mob Wars: LCN Syndicate Quests event, the Pirate Clan Holiday Raid and exclusive Holiday Sale, plus some really cool limited time / limited quantity items and more. We just introduced a brand new event that will be running in-tandem with the Holiday Raid events in December, called Secret Santa

It will be running alongside the Holiday December Raids and is currently running in Pirate Clan first (but keep an eye out for the Secret Santa FP Gifting Event when we launch our next Holiday Raid boss) → Check out our breakdown of the new event, right here on Youtube: LCN 'N Learn: Secret Santa - YouTube

:santa: December also means a new :speech_balloon: chat colour :speech_balloon: and :spiral_calendar: Monthly Calendar Challenge :spiral_calendar: across all 4 games. It really is looking like the most wonderful time of the year!

Have a great weekend! :fallen_leaf: