Scripts and LCN

A few years back I have been reading, in the old LCN forum about players using automated programs (scripts) to help them in the game.As I have been told from some old Mafia Wars players this kind of programs came from that game.
Are those programs in use in LCN today or those are related to MW only?

Hello BigAl,

Firstly thanks for writing here. When it comes to the official rules of what’s allowed in our games (i.e. Mob Wars: LCN), every player agrees to these rules when creating an account. You can also reference the game guidelines on

You cannot run multiple accounts in our games (and it is against the rules / Terms of Use for players to use automated programs / scripts to help them play in-game). We are always actively working on new tools to detect players who are playing outside of the rules (and we post regularly the number of accounts we take action on - every week, on our TGIF Blog posts: KanoPlay Blog

You may hear discourse from players in the World Chat talking about this, but keep in mind that if it’s not coming from an official source (i.e. a Kano Admin or official Kano post) it’s best to check with us.

You can reach us officially any-time at - Of course every situation has nuance, and we’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have about our games or the guidelines players need to be following.

We look forward to your email.