New Location! Hall of Einherjar

Are you prepared to enter the Hall of Einherjar , Viking Clan?

The mead hall built to serve the glorious dead of Valhalla is stocked with weapons and riches… but only if you can beat its demigod protector. Brace yourselves, Vikings. Fortune and glory await you!

That’s right! We’re happy to announce the release of our 48th Location, the :beer: Hall of Einherjar. :beer: Players of level 27,875 and above may enter the Hall NOW to complete :zap: new adventures, :coin: collect new items, :crown: and expand their Empire!

See you in-game:


That location background is so pretty :open_mouth:

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Our artists do a fantastic job! Always so proud of the work our art team puts together for new locations, brand new bosses, new in-game items and more.

Super talented folks on the team~ :heart:

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