February 3rd, 2023: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?)

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new in game updates for this past week - February 3rd, 2023: TGIF! Game Updates for February 3, 2023 - KanoPlay Blog

We just finished the Raid Games event in Pirate Clan and want to congratulate Team Purple on hitting the number 1 spot! Thanks again to everyone who participated. Of course, across all of our games there’s lots going on (from the Syndicate Wars event running in Mob Wars, to the Panzer Division Raid Boss and Valentine’s Sale, there’s no shortage of stuff to do this weekend in-game.

We’ve also got a Livestream Update :tada:
Yesterday we went live on the Mob Wars YouTube / Facebook pages to tease our upcoming Prestige Locations feature. @Ben and @mi7ch hosted an exclusive sneak peek into our upcoming feature, Prestige Locations → If you missed out live, check it out here: New Upcoming Feature: Prestige Locations Teaser Livestream - YouTube