May 10th, 2024: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?) - Raid Ranks returns to Viking Clan with the all-NEW Dragon Hydra!

:tada: :sparkles: Happy Friday players! We hope you had a great week :tada: - Thank you for joining us (to those that hung out in today’s Friday Discord Livestream) hosted by @HSkey :raised_hands: ~ Congratulations to all of our bonus prize winners as well!

It’s Friday, so it’s time to check out our latest TGIF posts on our Blog below:

There’s a lot going on, but in Viking Clan our newest Raid Event, Raid Ranks has returned!(with Raid Ranks all of our games get brand new Raid Bosses as well) - Take on the Dragon Hydra in battle right now (and work your way up to summon higher tier Raid Bosses)

Defeat Rank 3 Dragon Hydras to earn yourself brand new Mythic item drops! :sparkles: :milky_way:

Read more about Raid Ranks here: Raid Ranks — Viking Clan Help Center (

We’re also running a limited-time Mother’s Day Sale in Viking Clan (only active until tomorrow morning), so don’t wait!

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No matter what game you play, we hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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