A few members of my guild are having issues with the drop down menu not working for the past few days. Is there any info about this? Thank you.

Hello Fenrir,

Let us know how you’re playing (Facebook? https://www.kanoplay.com)? Also let us know what browser you are using.

Please send us an e-mail directly to our Kano Player Success team at support@kanoapps.com and we can walk you through what may be happening. There was a recent update to Chrome that has caused a drop-down error issue when playing the game directly on the latest version of Chrome (within Facebook) - It’s possible this may be what you’ve run into.

Please send in an email and we’re more than happy to help / delve into this.

We look forward to it!

This error occured due to a change in Chromium, but it has since been resolved. If you get the latest version of Google Chrome you should be able to access the dropdown menus with no problem while playing on https://www.facebook.com