Armada Wars starting time

The 4 pm PT start for wars needs to be change in all games. It’s 1 am in Europe … If they don’t get up before 7:30 am on a saturday morning, their clock stop at 400 tokens… After a hard week of work U want to sleep on Saturday mornings…

There is very few players in Asia so the time of the start doesn’t matter for them. Left is Australia. Late war starts @4pm PT is 11am down under.

What I suggest is a 1PM PT for late wars.
-ok for North America

  • 8 am in Australia (6hrs before reaching 400 tokens)
  • 9pm In United Kingdom & 10 pm rest of Europe ( makes way more sense)


We hear your feedback regarding the start times for Armada Wars events → We have experimented with different start times in the past for different events and we’re always open to suggestions / feedback like this. While I can’t speak to whether we will be making changes to this any time soon, I will pass this along to the team.

Of course, when we run an event, there are many different variables and factors to consider. We’ll pass this along for consideration. Thanks again ~

The best place to find out when we do make changes / update events and other things in-game, is to either follow our TGIF posts in our Blog at KanoPlay Blog or pop into our Livestreams over in Discord