June 14th, 2024: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?) - Queen Anne's Revenge & The Ferryman return to Pirate Clan for the Armada Raids event!

:tada: :sparkles: Happy Friday players! We hope you had an awesome week :tada: - Thank you for joining us (to those that hung out in today’s Friday Discord Livestream) hosted by Mingo (from Player Success) :raised_hands: :mango: ~ Congratulations to all of our bonus prize winners as well :tada:

It’s Friday, so it’s time to check out our latest TGIF posts on our Blog below:

There’s a lot going on, but in Pirate Clan our Armada Raids are back! Work with your Armada TODAY to defeat Raid Bosses (Queen Anne’s Revenge) and your actions will contribute towards your Armada’s progress bar!

Each time your members contribute to this progress bar, it’ll fill up (and each time it fills up, you can summon a special Armada Raid Boss and work together with just your Armada to defeat them)

:sparkles: :skull: Summon & defeat as many Ferryman Armada Raid Bosses as you can (to climb the Leaderboard for HUGE Armada Prizes & earn NEW Mythic item drops) :sparkles: :skull:

Read more about Armada Raids here: Armada Raids — Pirate Clan Help Center (kanoplay.com)

We’re also running a limited-time Father’s Day Sale in Pirate Clan (only active until tomorrow morning), so don’t wait!

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No matter what game you play, we hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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