Pirate Clan: Feedback and Suggestions Guidelines

Below are four easy steps to follow to ensure your suggestions and feedback are received by our team. Following them will make things easier for everyone!

Step One:

Read our Submission Guidelines below.

Step Two:

Search for your idea. If you don’t see it, please submit a new one. We don’t want duplicates if we can help it

Step Three:

Comment on the ideas of others. We want to hear your voice! If you are in support of an idea, let us know!

Commenting is what helps ideas move through the implementation queue, and gives us an idea of what is most desired by our players. If there isn’t a lot of community support, an idea most likely won’t move forward.

Step Four:

Track your own ideas, check back from time to time to see the progress of your idea. We encourage everyone to subscribe to threads that interest them. Bookmark them as necessary.

Having your friends comment on your idea is a great way to show popular support for an idea. Keep an eye on our T.G.I.F. Blog posts and come to our Discord Livestreams - every Friday at 12PM PST on Discord

Submission Guidelines:

We encourage you to post any ideas you have, but we also want you to post any issues and feedback you may have here.

Please tell us with detail why you need a new feature or mode instead of just saying there is something you do not like. If we know what works best for our community we can avoid any new issues that changes may cause.

More detail helps us understand the issue and leaving out personal sentiment allows us to implement it to the best of our ability. Some ideas and problems are going to be easier to solve than others. Please don’t take it personally if your idea isn’t rolled out.

Ideas are reviewed by developers, and we take into account the complexity of the change, balancing issues, the focus of our products, and most importantly potential benefits for you, the players.

Check to make sure your idea is not similar to someone else’s that’s already posted. If you stumble across an idea that’s similar to yours but you have some additional details, please reply to the idea and leave them as a comment.

Keep it short and sweet. Submitting your idea as a new one is just going to add white noise, delay the process, and nobody wins. If your idea is similar but substantially different, you should reference the similar one when you post yours. It will help us help you.

While we encourage communication between players who play different games, please try to only comment on ideas that are posted about the games that you play. If we are considering an idea for implementation across all our games, we will cross post the idea to ensure the players of those games have a chance to weigh in on the subject.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide dates when a particular idea will be implemented. Due to the complexity of our internal task tracking methodology, we can’t track every idea from submission through to implementation. However, the best place to stay in-the-loop on what updates are coming to the game, and what’s next on the agenda is to join us for our Discord livestreams, check the news posts in the Forums and in-game (including our T.G.I.F. blog posts at KanoPlay Blog)

Note: Kano may or may not use your comments, ideas or suggestions.

Kano reserves the right to use for any purpose including commercial purposes, comments, ideas, suggestions, code, products or services that are posted on this community.