August 25th, 2023: TGIF Recap (What's NEW This Week?) - including the Return of the Piggy Bank!

:tada: Happy Friday players - Check out our latest TGIF post on our Blog below:

Here’s what’s NEW in game updates for this past week (what events are currently running, what’s coming up next week) - We just launched brand new Seasons of the Battle Pass in Mob Wars: LCN, Viking Clan & Pirate Clan last week - Lots of other stuff happening in-game, including the return of our :pig: Piggy Bank :pig: feature alongside the legendary Mob Wars: LCN Raid Boss, the don of all dons, The Godfather! :briefcase: :trophy:

Click through to read more. Check out the TGIF here: TGIF! Game Updates for August 25, 2023 - KanoPlay Blog

Have a great weekend! :city_sunset: